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MCS Information Resources 


EPA's Indoor Air Quality Home Page:

The Household Products Database:
A National Institutes for Health database containing MSDS for 4000 consumer brands, including manufacturer’s contact information & acute/chronic effects of exposure to household chemicals. Searchable by category, chemical name, CAS number or symptom, this site is a good start when looking for product ingredient information, though not as thorough as it could be.

 Fragranced  / Housing

Environmental Working Group:


Healthy House Institute:
. Links to product information.

Jeffrey C. May:


Beyond Pesticides:

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP):

Protect All Children's Environment (PACE):

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC):

EPA Office of Pesticide Programs - New Active Ingredients Fact

Food News:
An excellent, interactive website developed by EWG. Select foods you commonly eat & obtain data on the pesticides used on those foods & potential health hazards. Some information specifically focused on children's health.

Extension Toxicology Network (EXTOXNET): , this is a searchable data base providing fact sheets on pesticides.

Get IPM:
Owned by Steve Tvedten the website has extensive information on pesticides, alternative to pesticides & links to related resources. 

Wood Smoke

National MCS Organizations

HEAL (Human Ecology Action League); PO Box 509; Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 Membership Newsletter: The Human Ecologist [MCS Support Network] (770) 389-4519. E-mail:

CIIN (Chemical Injury Information Network); P.O. Box 301; White Sulfur Springs, MT 59645 Free/annual donation Newsletter: Our Toxic Times [Advocacy] (406) 547-2255. Fax: (406) 547-2455

NCEHS (National Center for Environmental Health Strategies); 1100 Rural Ave.; Voorhees, NJ 08043. [Advocacy]
(856) 429-5358. E-mail: 

NCCI (National Coalition for the Chemically Injured); 2400 Virginia Ave., NW, Suite C501; Washington, D.C. 20037
Phone/Fax: 520-536-4625.

Local MCS Related Resources



HUD; House Counseling Number: (800) 569-4287.

MCS Product Resources 
    Massachusettes Association for the Chemcally Injured-( MACI) web site 
      Resources for General Products -Air Purifiers -Building and Remodeling -     Consultants for MCS- Environmental Consultants and Testing -     Food/Organic - Organic or Natural Fiber Bedding, Fabrics,Yarns,     Furniture and Clothing - Respirators/Masks - -Saunas and Reading     &Computer Boxes - Tents - Travel
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National MCS Organizations
Local MCS Related Resources
MCA Product Resources
Wood Smoke

MCS Referral & Resources:

Ecological Health Organization, Inc. (ECHO):
Connecticut's support, education & referral group for MCS. Information on local & national legislation. Publishers of The ECHO & MACI Newsletter.

Children's Environmental Health Network:

Alison Johnson & Chemical Sensitivity Foundation: &

MCS Escape:

MSDS Database:
Free searchable database for >3.5 million Material Safety Data Sheets. Note: There are no regulations governing the writing or accuracy of MSDS. Manufacturers are not required to disclose propriety information. MSDSs may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health:
MassCOSH seeks to educate & mobilize workers to improve their working conditions & influence public policies that govern these conditions. Website has a variety of reports, information on legislative initiatives, fact sheets & worker’s rights information.

National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS):
Searchable with links to many Government sites & current research on the environment & health.
Environmental Health Perspectives journal website:

National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH):
Search on “MCS research” for a listing of journal articles. Includes hotlinks to articles related to the definition of MCS.

EPA's Indoor Air Quality Home Page: