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Ecological Health Organization, Inc.
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To safegaurd the health and well-being of the environment and its inhabitants. 

I.   To provide information and support to people with         MCS and others sensitive to chemicls
II.  To educate the public on MCS
III. To collaborate with other organizations on health         issues of chemicals
IV. To advocate for public policies that promote the         health and welfare of the chemically injured and          prevent chemical injuries.
V.  To encourage medical research on MCS.

ECHO is a statewide 501c3, nonprofit advocacy, support, education and referral organization for people disabled with Multiple Chemical Syndromme (MCS) and others who care about its prevention. Founded in 1992, ECHO is one of the first organizations in Connecticut linking environmental issues and public health.

ECHO has a long history collaborating   with localm state and national organization both in the public and private sector. the Connecticut State Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (OPA). 

New England COnference on Health & the environment. November 

Coaliton for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut


In 1997, ECHO participated in a campaign called “The ECHO Healthier Hospitals Initiative” with distribution to several hospital CEOs in Connecticut of the new publication: Healthier Hospitals - A Comprehensive Guide to Assist in the Medical Care of the Patient with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Authored by Toni Temple, Chair of the Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured (ONFCI), the stated goal of the author is as follows:

“The Healthier Hospitals manual was produced primarily to educate hospital administration, staff and medical personnel on proper care and consideration for the special needs of MCS patients. It is expected that it will improve access for those hospital patients who suffer from this widespread disability. Patients with MCS may have sensitivities to common chemicals and can experience problems ranging from mild discomfort to severe and life-threatening reactions to those chemicals commonly found in a hospital setting: disinfectants, alcohol, ammonia, latex, formaldehyde, floor cleaners/wax and perfumes, etc. For some people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), hospitals are virtually inaccessible.”

In 2007, ECHO received a “Green Circle Award” from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection in recognition of our “Lady Bug” Project. The “Lady Bug” project was designed as an environmental instructional program for 1,000 Day Care Centers for children and their families. The focus of the program was to teach about the use of Integrated Pest Management as an alternative to using pesticides. Grassroots was an affiliate of ECHO consisting of a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the reduction/elimination of pesticides and the promotion of nontoxic pest control methods. 

ECHO first received a Governor’s “Proclamation of MCS Awareness Month” in 1998 from Governor John Rowland and for every succeeding year through the administration of Governor Jodi Rell.

Since the inception of the organization, it has provided information on issues of concern to the chemically injured through its newsletter, The ECHO News and for the past 5 years, published this newsletter jointly with the Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured (MACI). Over the past twenty-one years, ECHO has co-sponsored conferences on environmental health issues in coordination with labor, environmental health and disability rights groups in Connecticut. 

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